The area

What to do and where to go, in and around Paphos

Paphos lies in the south west of Cyprus, just below the Akamas peninsula. It has a beautiful harbour where the tourists assemble to enjoy the sun, sea and restaurants. There is a pelican there.

The medieval fortress in Paphos has a striking resemblance with those in Larnika and Lemesos.

Aphrodite’s rock

The Greek goddess Aphrodite was born on Cyprus. Or actually, she was born from the foam of the sea around this rock, on the beach close to Paphos. In ancient times, lots of people came here to join in the fertility rituals and at the nearby temple. In Greek, the rock is called Petra tou Romiou.

Aphrodites Rock

Aphrodites Rock

It is a great place to get pictures of the beautiful sunsets.

Avagas Gorge

Another thing you should see when visiting Paphos is the Avagas gorge. When going with a guide, you can approach it from the upper end, but that path is very hard to find. Almost as good is walking in from the down end. This way it gets better every meter.

Town and village life

The towns of Cyprus present a modern cosmopolitan atmosphere blended with historic buildings and ancient monuments. Imposing colonial and classic style buildings rub shoulders with well designed contemporary hotels, apartment blocks and attractive shopping streets, some narrow and quaint, others thoroughly modern.

By contrast, life in the villages follows a slower pace, reflecting the importance of agriculture, cottage industry and family ties. Traditional flat roofed village houses made of mud brick are a common sight, while stone-built dwellings with tiled roofs can be seen in the mountains. Many village houses feature delightful vine-shaded courtyards and the typical local oven “fourno” for homemade baking.

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